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Chatsworth High School
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Governor Visits Protocol

Protocol to Guide Governor Volunteer Sessions


Governor Volunteer Sessions are intended to enable Governors to better understand the daily working practice of the school. By engaging in the classroom with students and members of staff it is envisaged that Governors will develop their awareness and understanding of the school which will in turn better enable them to support and challenge the school in its progress forward.


At the end of each session the teacher who has led the session will discuss the experience of the session with the Governor. This discussion will be based around three key questions which the teacher will present. No written report will be produced.

At subsequent Full Governing Body Meetings, Governors who have participated in the programme will provide a verbal account of their experience to the Governing Body which will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

It is expected that each of these Governor Volunteer Sessions will be an open, positive and enriching experience for all parties. The intention of the sessions is to support our growth as a school community and enable us to share the excellent work within the school with one another. In the unlikely event of any problematic issue arising individuals must immediately refer the matter to either the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors.


  1. Two weeks before the session a draft programme for the visit is produced by the Senior Leadership Team.
  2. One week before the session a final programme for the visit is produced by the Senior Leadership Team.
  3. On arrival in the school the Governor is briefed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This briefing reiterates the content of the programme and shares any important updates.
  4. The Governor is then introduced to the lead teacher for the session and works under the direction of that person.
  5. At the end of the session, the teacher and Governor meet briefly to discuss the Governor’s experience of the session. This discussion will be focused around three key questions presented by the teacher, namely
    a. What are the two main things you have learnt from this session?
    b. What is the one thing you would like to know more about?
    c. How can the school help you learn more about our practice?
  6. If the programme involves the Governor visiting another session, the Governor returns to a member of the Senior Leadership Team in order to be guided to the next lead teacher.
  7. At the next Full Governing Body Meeting the Governor will provide a verbal report of their experience of the session. This report will be recorded in the minutes.