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Chatsworth High School
& Community College

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CMAT Governance Structure

Governance Structure

The Chatsworth Multi Academy Trust has adopted a Governance Structure which is designed to maintain the currently outstanding work of Chatsworth High School and Community College whilst recognising the changing educational landscape and opportunities which arise from this.

The Members of the Trust are responsible for ensuring that the Trust fulfils its obligations under its articles and achieve this by holding Trustees to account for the activity of the Trust.

The Trustees of the Trust are ultimately responsible for the strategic development of the Trust and securing positive outcomes for all pupils and learners in the Trust. In order to achieve this they hold the Chief Executive Officer to account for the activity of the Trust and operate the Trust’s Scheme of Delegation in overseeing the conduct of Local Governing Bodies.

The Members and Trustees of the Trust have made a strategic decision to enable any school which becomes part of the Trust to maintain a degree of autonomy within the structure of the Trust commensurate with their level of performance and their positive impact on pupil and learner outcomes. Consequently, wherever appropriate, the Local Governing Body will have a significant role to play in the strategic development of the school.

In the case of Chatsworth High School and Community College, the Local Governing Body are responsible for ensuring the quality of education in the school and an oversight of safeguarding practice in the school.

The Headteacher of the school reports jointly to both the Executive Headteacher and the Chair of Governors in order to secure coherence and clarity in the activity of the school and the operation of the Trust.