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Chatsworth High School
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Respect Charter



Chatsworth Multi Academy Trust

Respect Charter


At the Chatsworth Multi Academy Trust, pupils and learners, their parents and carers and members of the staff team form the Chatsworth Community. We believe that each individual within our community is entitled to be treated respectfully and that it is the responsibility of each member of the school community to behave in a dignified and appropriate manner at all times. The following charter has been written to express the values of the Chatsworth Community based on these principles. 


  1. All members of the Chatsworth Community will be respectful in all their interactions with one another.
  2. All members of the Chatsworth Community will be open, honest and fair with one another at all times.
  3. If conflict arises, it will be dealt with in a respectful and dignified way by all parties.
  4. If conflict cannot be resolved by those parties, the issue must be referred to the Chief Executive Officer, Martin Hanbury.
  5. Trustees, Governors and Senior Leaders will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour from any person towards a member of the Chatsworth Community.
  6. Trustees, Governors and Senior Leaders expect this charter to be upheld in its entirety by all members of the Chatsworth community.