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Chatsworth High School
& Community College

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Lunches, Snacks & Milk

Lunch Money

School lunches are provided by an external caterer named Chartwells. Their prices from September 2019 are:

Standard lunch £2.81 per day (£14.05 per week)
Large/Adult lunch £3.25 per day (£16.25 per week)
  • Lunch money needs to be sent into school:
    • each term or;
    • each month or;
    • each Monday morning for the full week ahead.
  • Payment can be made online preferably via the Parent Pay website, by cheque made payable to ‘Chatsworth High School & Community College’.

 The current lunch menus can be found below to download and/or print.

Voluntary Contributions and snacks 

High School students (including CC1)

We currently request £4.00 contribution from each High School student each week.  

This amount covers:

  • A healthy snack each day
  • Use of the school minibus
  • The purchasing of ingredients for cookery lessons every week

If you would rather provide your child with a healthy snack from home, then we ask for a weekly contribution of just £1.50 per week, which will cover school mini bus use and cooking ingredients.

Chatsworth has a healthy snack policy, so please only send in healthy snacks for your child. If you would like some ideas for healthy snacks then please visit the following Healthy Snack Ideas link.

Community College Students (CC2, CC3 and CC4)

We currently request a £5.00 contribution from each college student each week.

This amount covers:

  • Contribution towards off-site leisure studies including transport
  • Weekly Life Skills Cookery Class - students will eat the food they cook, on this day, for lunch.

For further information, please see our Charging and Remissions Policy