Welcome to the Chatsworth High School and Community College website. Please take some time to look around the site and learn about our school community.

We have recently had an OFSTED inspection (October 2013) , we have been graded as an Outstanding school in all areas.  Please click the link above to read the report.  OFSTED said  

"Regardless of their starting points, age or background, all students make good progress and for many it is outstanding."

 "Teaching is typically outstanding and never less than good. Teachers’ subject knowledge is excellent as is their assessments of students’ individual needs."

"As a result, lessons are characterised by carefully planned activities, pitched at just the right level for all students. This allows lessons to move along at a swift pace".

We are incredibly proud to work at Chatsworth High School and Community College and of all the students and staff.

At Chatsworth we are continuously striving to provide the highest quality learning opportunities we can within the context of a caring , positive and happy learning community. We have tried to capture this ethos in our  Mission Statement which says

Chatsworth High School and Community College is a caring , happy and progressive learning community in which each person is valued equally and respected unconditionally. Our school community promotes high expectations for each person and supports every member of our school community in achieving their potential as life-long learners. At Chatsworth High School and Community College every person matters.

We have distilled this Mission Statement in to Ten Core Beliefs which act as a focus for our activity.

Please follow this link to read them.



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