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Chatsworth High School
& Community College

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Personal, Social and Economic Wellbeing (PSEWB)

At Chatsworth High School and Community College several areas of learning are incorporated into the Personal, Social & Economic Wellbeing (PSEWB) scheme of learning:

  • Self – development, including RSE (Relationship & Sex Education), Personal Hygiene and Drug & Alcohol Awareness
  • Careers
  • Work related learning
  • Enterprise
  • Transition
  • Personal Ongoing skill development

This curriculum area has been designed to provide a broad, engaging and pragmatic range of differentiated learning opportunities for the students at Chatsworth High School. It has been developed following consultation with the whole school community and its learning partners and increasingly reflects the diverse spectrum of learning needs represented across our student population. Bespoke curriculum opportunities are shaped by our rigorous and person-centred Annual Review process.

It is also reflected in the school’s CEIAG Gold Award status.

Learning in PSEWB includes educational visits to a variety of work environments, planning and participating in fundraising activities for local and national charities, managing finances and learning essential life skills for the future. As students move towards adulthood the focus may shift, for a number of our learners, to employability and to independent living skills; this includes the development of core values such as budgeting for daily living and taking responsibility for oneself in a safe and dignified manner. Learning is accredited through a variety of awards and qualifications, including the Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E).

 At Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 the programme is delivered by:

  •  The teachers with responsibility for PSEWB, Work Related Learning, Enterprise, Careers Education and Transition to Post 19 provision


  • Discrete provision class teachers

At Chatsworth High School & Community College we believe that learning should be enjoyable, engaging, highly relevant and empowering; it is upon these principles that the curriculum is based. PSEWB encourages our students and the whole of the school & college community to consider, plan for and aspire towards a better future.