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Chatsworth High School
& Community College

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Governing Board & Committee Structure

 Governor   Extended Area of Responsibility   Outcomes & Quality of Teaching   Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare  Leadership & Management

Ms Gayle Myers

Acting Headteacher

  X X X
Mrs L Hutchinson       


Developing Governance.

Pupil well-being. Leadership capacity.  Quality Assurance.


X (Chair) X X (Chair)
Ms J Pardoe

Vice Chair.

Teaching and Learning.

Pupil Premium. CLA. 

  X (Chair) X
Cllr G Reynolds

Safeguarding. Restrictive Physical Interventions (RPI).

Parental Engagement.

  X X
Ms J Bull


Curriculum Development. Parental Engagement.


X   X
Mrs K Begum

CPL Programme.  Children Looked After

Pupil Premium

  X X
Ms K Jones

Safeguarding. Assessments.

Student well-being

X X  
Mr A Cottrill

CPL Programme.
Parent Engagement.


X X  
Mr S Davismoon Leadership capacity. Curriculum Development. Qualifications. X   X
Mr K Siva Quality assurance. Qualifications. Health & Safety. X   X
Mrs R Hill

Pupil Premium. CLA. 

Curriculum Development

  X X
Vacancy (parent)        



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