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Chatsworth High School
& Community College

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Chatsworth High school and Community College caters for students from 11 – 19 years old with a range of severe, complex and profound learning difficulties and autism. Our students range from P 1 to National Curriculum level 3.

Chatsworth has a broad, rich and varied, structured curriculum that caters for all our students. There is a strong emphasis on practical skills, independence skills as well as offering access to all National Curriculum subjects and a whole range of other relevant and engaging activities.

Our curriculum is divided into 12 subject areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Cookery, Catering and Hospitality
  • Creative Media
  • Humanities
  • Computing
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Performing Arts
  • Personal Social and Economic Well-being
  • Physical Education and Leisure Studies
  • Religious Education

Work related learning and sex and relationship education are taught as appropriate.

Students who are working below National Curriculum Level 1 are working within the P Scales. P scales are assessment criteria which enable us to track pupils progress as they develop. The P scales are split into eight different levels with P1 being the lowest and P8 the highest.

The curriculum for each subject is divided into 3 areas of development:

P1 – P3

P4 – P7

P8 – NC2

Please follow the subject links on the left to find out more about what students do in each area of the curriculum

What OFSTED said about our curriculum:

"Themed projects effectively cover the National Curriculum through 10 core areas in a curriculum modified to students’ ability. Good flexibility within the curriculum enables personalisation of learning plans. These meet students’ needs and interests well."